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New Year’s Resolutions for the TauBu Life

Want to live the TauBu life this year? Amp up your New Year's resolutions.

If you’re looking to put some excitement into your life during 2012, you’ve found the right blog. The makers of TauBu beer and the beautiful TauBu Girls have a few suggestions for your list of New Year’s resolutions. Get ready to give your boring old life a wicked punch, amp up your style and live the TauBu life:

  • Resolve to ditch the gym: These days, gyms look a bit more like nightclubs with the lights on. They’ve become more social hangouts or pickup markets than real exercise centers. Plus, even those who really do keep their garden-variety resolution and actually exercise at the gym don’t always get their money’s worth. That’s why TauBu Girl Kali recommends ditching the gym for some real, hardcore exercise. Extreme or outdoors activities like surfing, skateboarding, hiking or rock climbing help work more of your muscles in more ways because the movements are not repetitive like they are on the stair stepper at the gym.
  • Resolve to face something that freaks you out: Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Turns out it’s one of TauBu Girl Edita’s favorite quotes. “If you can manage to balls up and conquer that one challenge you’ve been avoiding, you’ll be shocked at how powerful you feel,” Edita promises. And that confidence no doubt will spill over into other areas of your life, pushing you to see just how awesome you can be.
  • Resolve to prove them wrong: Got a critic telling you that you aren’t quite strong enough, smart enough, talented enough, etc. to grab that goal by the horns? TauBu Girl Lauren dares you to prove him/her wrong. Truth be told, criticism is often just a way for a wimp to mask his own fear. If he lacks the cojones to get the job done himself, he surely doesn’t want you publicly one-upping him. Whether it’s landing that trick or getting that job or winning that hottie’s attention, show ‘em how it’s done.
  • Resolve to take a stand: See an injustice that boils your blood? Got a cause that you believe in wholeheartedly? TauBu Girl Anna wants to know what you’re gonna do about it. It ain’t enough to say you support a cause. If you’ve got a TauBu kind of attitude, get out there and take some action. Start a petition, throw a fundraising event, feed some homeless, rescue a shelter pet, teach an at-risk kid a new skill, stand on the bow of a dinghy and scream obscenities at Japanese whalers — whatever it is you believe in, make it an active part of your life.
  • Resolve to have more fun: All work and no play makes for a very dull life. We’ve all got to make a living and deal with the minutia that life throws at us. But having a little fun helps make all the non-fun stuff a bit more bearable, TauBu Girl Amanda says. So, while you’re filling up your calendar with meetings and errands and trips to the dentist, make sure you schedule some time to rip it up or just chill out.

What’s your biggest, baddest New Year’s resolution? TauBu wants to know. Post it on our Facebook Fan page.

TauBu Beer Maker Salutes Brit Snowboarder Billy Morgan – The “Triple Rodeo Guy”

Brit snowboarder Billy Morgan at the Keystone, Colorado park where he became the first snowboarder to land a triple backside rodeo December 16, 2011.

This time last week, the name Billy Morgan didn’t even register with most snowboarding enthusiasts. But the makers of TauBu beer, along with the rest of the snowboarding world, took notice December 16 when the 22-year-old posted a video that since has racked up nearly half a million views on YouTube alone – not to mention on dozens of sports websites and TV shows.

On the Keystone, Colorado slopes Morgan caught the attention of tens of thousands of extreme athletes by beautifully nailing the first-ever triple backside rodeo. He even managed a clean landing, despite a somewhat less graceful guy penguining in the run-out of the jump. Said Morgan in his Facebook fan page post later that evening, “Had a super sick day up the hill with my chums, managed to pull out a triple rodeo at the end! Stoked!”

A bit of online research shows that while a few pro skiers have successfully landed the trick, Morgan is the only snowboarder who can lay that claim and back it up. Morgan started snowboarding in Southampton, UK just a few years ago. He went to the British Snowboard Championships in 2009, 2010 and 2011, winning the Giro Big Air men’s title twice and picking up a few sponsors including Quicksilver and Ride Snowboards. Said Whitelines Snowboard Magazine in March, “He has an incredible aerial awareness gained doing gymnastics, matched with good style and a healthy dose of the ‘nutter’ factor.”

So what does Morgan think of his newfound fame?

“It’s all been a little too much. I’m not used to people really taking any notice,” snowboarding’s newest phenom humbly told ESPN recently. “I still have a long way to go to compete with the big names out there but am hoping to put in the training I need to get up there.”

Ready to be amazed? Pop the top on a can of TauBu Midnite Berry, Evil Apple or Wicked Punch and enjoy pure awesomeness at the 1:36 mark…

TauBu Loves SantaCon – The Taboo-est of Christmas Parties

Don your sexiest Santa-esque suit and head out for SantaCon - the tabooest of Christmas parties.

Forget the gingerbread cookies and apple cider at Grandma’s house. The real Christmas partying (no offense, Granny) is at SantaCon – coming to a city near you. It was TauBu Girl Jolyne who turned us on to this annual gathering of thousands of jolly revelers decked out in their sexiest (or craziest) Santa-esque getups mingling, caroling and bar crawling. And we love it!

SantaCon events are scheduled each year in locations throughout the U.S. and around the world. Unless explicitly noted, this party is for adults only. However, many SantaCons do benefit charities. You might be asked to bring a toy for Toys for Tots or something along those lines, so check the website for details about the SantaCon nearest you.

Don’t see a SantaCon in your area? Well, then start one. Nobody “owns” a SantaCon and there’s no rule about having just one in any particular city. However, do make yourself familiar with the guidelines posted on the SantaCon website. A few top tips and rules:

  • Santa does not make children cry – on purpose, anyway. Seriously. If you see kids while you’re out and about at a SantaCon event, don’t freak them out. Smile, wave and maybe bring along some small, kid-friendly gifts to hand out. Parents and tourists are a different matter altogether. Adjust your behavior according to their attitude.
  • Santa dresses for all occasions. Remember, it’s December. Multiple costume layers will allow you to keep warm if you’re outside belting out Christmas carols from the curb, and cool off if you find yourself inside a hot nightclub swinging from a stripper pole. And remember, you don’t have to look just like the storybook Santa or Mrs. Claus. Creative interpretations of Santa-ness, as well as reindeer and sexy little elves are welcome, too.
  • Watching Santa get buzzed and a little rowdy rocks. Breaking up a drunken Santa fight or babysitting Santa while he vomits in a side alley sucks. Don’t be that Santa. And keep in mind that there is no bail-out fund for incarcerated Santas.

Did you SantaCon this year? If so, we want to see your pics. Post them on the TauBu Facebook fan page and tell us about your craziest SantaCon experience.

Holiday Gifts for the TauBu Life Lover

Christmas and Hanukkah are right up on us. Have you shopped for your guy or girl yet? If not, the TauBu Girls have a few ideas that are sure to please.

A Christmas gift your signicant other won't forget: A volcano exploration excursion. TauBu Girls offer great gift ideas for those living the extreme life.

  1. Great gear: As a pro surfer, TauBu Girl Christa knows just how important it is to have the right sports gear. And she knows how expensive it all can get. If your guy or girl is an extreme sports athlete or avid outdoors type, a great piece of sporting gear is always appreciated, whether it’s a set of high-end skateboard wheels, that hot new wetsuit or a solar charger for all those portable gadgets.
  2. Event tickets: TauBu Girl Kate-Lynn loves to travel. And what better place to travel to than somewhere that’s hosting an extreme sports event. Make it a fun gift for the both of you and pick up a pair of tickets to the Winter X Games in Aspen in January, Extreme Thing in Las Vegas in March, or any of a full season AMA Supercross events scheduled in California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Georgia or Florida from January through May.
  3. Lessons: TauBu Girl Yashira isn’t one to sit on the sidelines. Like the rest of us living the TauBu Life, she loves to be right in the middle of all the action. If your significant other is the same, spring for lessons in a new sport or activity. The two of you can learn to surf, skateboard, wakeboard, rock climb – whatever piques your interest and challenges your physical status quo.
  4. Adventure package: TauBu Girl Rickie is another avid traveler and thrill seeker. And she’s a regular at Cloud 9, an online provider of adventure experiences. Go white water rafting, explore a volcano, fly a fighter jet, bungee off a bridge, learn some Ninja warrior moves, move some dirt with a bulldozer or race a dune buggy across the desert.
  5. Digital camcorder: Every extreme athlete has pulled off a feat he wishes he had on camera. After all, exercising your bragging rights just isn’t the same without the video documentation to back it all up, and a digital camcorder can help do just that, says TauBu Girl Kali.
  6. TauBu swag: No matter where you go, what you do, TauBu Girl Courtney wants you to look hot. So she highly recommends you stop by TauBu’s online store, where you’ll find a full selection of TauBu t-shirts, tank tops and caps for men and women, as well as some taboo little lingerie numbers for the ladies.

Got other great gift ideas for those living the TauBu Life? We want to hear ‘em. Post a comment on our TauBu Facebook fan page.

Levi LaVallee Wows Leno Fans with Wild Snowmobile Jump

Pro snowmobiler Levi LaVallee appears on "The Tonight Show" with host Jay Leno (right) and comedian Louis C.K. (left) December 14, 2011.

So did you tune in to Leno last night, TauBu lovers? If not, you missed something big. Something massive. Something never done before – at least not on the Tonight Show. Yes – you missed the first snowmobile jump in Tonight Show history.

Pro sledder Levi LaVallee made his first Tonight Show appearance, chatting it up with host Jay Leno about his early daredevil days. When LaVallee was four years old, and unbeknownst to his mother, his dad bought him a four-wheeler for Christmas. Soon after, young LaVallee took his first jump – off an old car hood that his father set up on blocks. The kid was immediately hooked and has been dare deviling it ever since. He took up snowmobiling at age 12 and won his first of seven Winter X Games medals in 2004.

After the interview, which followed a performance by comedian Louis C.K., LaVallee rode his snowmobile out of the show’s studio, performed an impressive jump over a winter wonderland setup in the studio parking lot, then drove right back into the studio.

If you missed it, you’ll get another chance to see a live LaVallee snowmobile jump Saturday, December 31 when he and Australian motorbike stunt rider Robbie “Maddo” Maddison jump side-by-side at the “New Year: No Limits” event televised live on ESPN. LaVallee will jump his snowmobile and Maddison will jump his motorcycle at the San Diego event. Both guys aim to break the current distance jumping world records in their respective sports. LaVallee already is the snowmobile distance jump world record-holder. He set the 301-feet record while preparing for last year’s event, which incidentally got canceled after LaVallee suffered a bone-crushing accident. He’s back in full force this year and aims to meet or beat that stat. And Maddison has his mind set on beating the current 391-foot motorbike jump record the same day.

Meanwhile, pop the top on a can of your favorite TauBu beer flavor and take a look at LaVallee’s Tonight Show jump below (fast forward to the 30-minute point).

Got Mad Snowboarding Skills? TauBu’s Got a Challenge for You.

The USCC's 2011-2012 snowmobile racing season gets underway this month.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the nation’s best sledders at their own game, TauBu’s got a challenge for you. The United States Cross-Country Snowmobile Racing Association (USCC) runs races featuring both professional and amateur snowmobilers nationwide. And their 2011-2012 season starts this month.

Based in Minto, North Dakota, the USCC Racing Circuit is North America’s largest cross-country snowmobile organization. It’s not only an adrenaline-pumping, ultra-competitive sport, it’s also a proving ground for new snowmobile products. Cross country racers’ sleds basically are stock, which means they’re being tested – a little like those crash test dummy-driven cars you see on auto manufacturers’ commercials. If the sleds developed or used by snowmobiling competitors in these races make it to the end of the season in one reasonably solid piece, it’s likely you’ll see them on the market available to the average consumer within the next few years.

Sanctioned by International Snowmobile Racing the USCC has grown each of its 10 years and recently expanded with an Eastern circuit dubbed USCC East. Their combined schedules include races in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine and New York starting with the USCC’s December 31 season opener in Grafton, ND and continuing throughout 2012.

So, TauBu lifers – are you ready to take on the challenge? You don’t have to be a USCC season member in order to race. You can enter races on a daily membership basis, but you won’t be eligible for the year-end points awards unless you join as a season member. Entry and insurance fees, and sometimes pit fees are charged, but the payoffs are worth it if you win. There are some equipment and personal safety requirements so get yourself a USCC handbook or ISR rulebook and get ‘cha study on. And watch out! TauBu Girl Edita just might be hot on your trail. She’s an avid snowmobiler, too.

Meet Kali: December 2011 TauBu Girl

Meet Kali, our December 2011 TauBu Girl.

Thirty miles per hour doesn’t sound very fast – Unless you’re straddling 1,000+ pounds of pure muscle and fury in a dead heat competition with your biggest rival. Just ask Kali, our December 2011 TauBu Girl.

Riding horses since age two, Kali is quite the accomplished equestrian. In fact, she’s the 2010 IBHA (International Buckskin Horse Association) World Champion barrel racer. In case you’re not familiar, barrel racing involves taking a fast horse around three barrels in a clover-leaf pattern, coming as close to the barrels as possible without knocking them down, then racing back to the start/finish line with the fastest time. And it’s far tougher than it looks.

As if being the World Champion barrel racer isn’t enough, the beautiful, Kali is also an avid drag racer and a professional model who loves the outdoors life.

“I love fishing, hunting, drag racing, big trucks and big dogs,” says the bonafide tom girl who has strutted her stuff for a WWE Divas meet, a NASCAR promotion, BMG Modeling and the Orlando Hair Show. Quite the style maven, she’s the Dillard’s Trendsetter of the Year for Daytona Beach, Fla. And when she’s not busy racing or modeling, she’s hanging with her four horses, pit bull and Great Dane.

Say hello to Kali. And if you think you’ve got what it takes to help promote the TauBu malt liquor beer brand, visit our website and sign up to be our next TauBu Girl.

TauBu's Miss December, Kali, looks great in a bikini or a pair of tight jeans and cowgirl boots. After all, she's both a professional model and a world champion barrel racer.