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TauBu’s Hottest International Olympic Women Athletes

Italian volleyball player Francesca Piccinini

Earlier this week, TauBu brought you our top picks of the sexiest female athletes representing the U.S.A. at the Summer Olympics in London. Today, we’re expanding our horizons, brining you the hottest of our international competitors.

  • Darya Klishina, Long Jumper, Russia: The lovely Klishina started her athletic career at age 13. She’s a relative newcomer at the Olympics, but is a favorite for the gold in her competition. Not only will she leave you in the dust on the tracks, but she’s got mad skills at the bowling alley, too.
  • Ana Ivanovic, Tennis, Serbia: She’s said to have one of the fiercest serves in the game of women’s tennis. And she’s crazy smart. Off the courts, she studies finance at a university in Belgrade and serves as a UNICEF National Ambassador. She’ll own you on the basketball courts, too.
  • Fatima Moreira de Melo, Field Hockey, The Netherlands: Besides playing field hockey, this Dutch beauty has a master’s degree in law, sings, hosts TV shows and plays a mean hand of poker for  Team PokerStars: Sportstars on the PokerStars online poker card room. And apparently, she digs snakes.
  • Jaqueline Carvalho, Volleyball, Brazil: Jaqueline is one of the toughest volleyball players in the world. Fans and critics alike expect she’ll be on her strongest game, even coming back from a recent neck injury.
  • Francesca Piccinini, Volleyball, Italy: We love volleyball so much, we decided to include two hot volleyball players. Actually, we just couldn’t help ourselves when we saw pics of Francesca Piccinini, the mind-boggling beauty who is representing her team at the Summer Olympics for the fourth time. But to be honest, we could care less how she plays. Just look at her, for cryin’ out loud. Do an online search for her pics in Italy’s Men’s Health magazine. You won’t be disappointed.

So who are your favorite international Olympic athletes? Post your picks and pics on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu’s Sexiest American Olympic Women Athletes

Lolo Jones, Olympic hurdler, track and field star

The 124th International Olympic Committee officially opened the Olympic Games last night in London. We here at TauBu and Palm Distribution, Inc. are excited to see America whoop some athletic ass across the Pond. And we’re particularly proud of all the bold, beautiful female athletes representing our great country. There’s no way to feature them all here, but we’ve chosen a few of the USA’s hottest Olympic ambassadors we’re rooting for. In no particular order…

  • Hope Solo – Soccer: She’s opinionated, sometimes controversial, but always hot. And she’s got a penchant for proving her critics wrong. Ergo, we’re expecting the media world to be reeling upon the release of her autobiography, scheduled just two days after the close of the London Olympics. So win or lose, she’ll no doubt be in the spotlight for weeks afterward. Well played, Hope. Well played.
  • Lolo Jones – Track and Field: Here at TauBu, we love a strong woman. And Lolo is as strong as they come, in every way. The statuesque beauty battled her way out of a tough childhood story that involved living for a time in the basement of a Salvation Army church. The world first heard her name during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she was a favorite to win the 100 m hurdles, but clipped one and dropped to seventh place. Despite recent back surgery, she’s back with a vengeance this year.
  • Candace Parker – Basketball: This 6’4″ beauty will annihilate you in a pickup basketball game, so don’t even try. She plays forward, center and guard for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and is best known for being the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game and the first woman to dunk twice in a college game— both as a redshirt freshman in 2006.

TauBu congratulates all of America’s athletes competing in the Olympics. Who’s your favorite? Post your top picks for the sexiest American Olympians on the TauBu Facebook fan page. Next up, we’ll share a few of the hottest Olympic athletes from other countries.


Winning TauBu T-Shirt Design Picked

New TauBu t-shirt design effectively conveys that "be forbidden" motto and lifestyle.

After an exhaustive review of nearly 50 entries, Palm Distribution officials and TauBu fans have chosen our newest t-shirt design. The design that garnered the most votes features one of the TauBu tribal characters striking a dramatic, dance-like pose over a graffiti background of red, orange and black.

We love the design because it stars one of our trademark tribal characters front and center. TauBu’s marketing pros chose a tribal motif because it conjures up a notion of something taboo. You don’t want to tick off a tribesman, for fear of your life. Still, you can’t help but want to hang with them because seriously – what’s cooler than a badass tribal warrior?

But we also love the background design, which gives the whole look a modern, urban feel. Today’s graffiti artists are some of the most creative souls around, yet tagging in public spaces remains a taboo subject. All in all, the new design effectively illustrates TauBu’s tagline, “Be forbidden.”

Congrats to the winning designer on a job well done and thanks to all the creative individuals who submitted designs. Keep a lookout for T-shirts, tank tops, snowboards and other products emblazoned with the winning design, available online soon.

TauBu Shares Top Comic Con 2012 Pics

Nowhere does geekdom get more taboo than at the annual Comic Com International in San Diego. This year proved no different. Literally thousands of gorgeous women dressed as superheroes, comic villains and film femme fatales for the four-day event that often sells out its Preview Night tickets a full year in advance.

Founded in 1970, Comic Con showcases the best in pop culture comic books, science fiction and fantasy, horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics and fantasy novels. It’s the largest convention of its kind in the Americas and the fourth largest in the world after Japan’s Comiket, France’s Angoulême International Comics Festival and Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games. Held in the San Diego Convention Center, the convention easily attracts more than 130,000 attendees every year.

We scoured the Internet for pics of the best dressed Comic Con women. Pop the top on a cold can of TauBu beer and check out favorites. Then, post yours on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

Images from MTV Geek and Entertainment Weekly.


Meet Jamile de Campos: July 2012 TauBu Girl

July 2012 TauBu Girl Jamile

Brazilian-born cutie Jamile de Campos is the perfect mix of beauty and brains. She manages her own modeling career, runs a graphic design business and is going to college all at once. We can barely keep up with her. That’s why she’s the July 2012 TauBu Girl.

“I’ve lived in 4 different U.S. states and have been to four different continents,” says the energetic Jamile. “I’m very outgoing, social, fun and friendly and love that there’s always something new to learn. I’m pretty much an open book if you want to know something. ”

Oh yes, there’s plenty that TauBu fans would like to know about Jamile – starting with “Where do I know her from?” You might have seen her in Performance Audio and Sound magazine, on TV’s Chicagolicious, or somewhere in the streets of Daytona where she was a Hot Babe of Bike Week earlier this year. She’s also competed in and won multiple contests including the Bikelanta Bikini Contest, Spencer’s Gifts Lingerie Model search and O’Neal Motocross Model competition. She’s currently competing for a feature spot in Playboy South Africa.

When she’s not competing or cavorting, she’s creating. As a graphic artist she’s worked on dozens of creative projects including artwork, ads, menus, brochures, websites, covers and photo manipulation for both commercial and private customers. Her favorite TauBu flavor? Mojito.

TauBu Girls’ July Movie Picks

The summer blockbuster season is fully ablaze. Here are the TauBu Girls‘ picks for the best movies to see in July.

Savages, July 6: TauBu Girl CeCe was first in line to see Savages, the Oliver Stone-directed crime thriller starring Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson as Chon and Ben, two high-end pot growers who must face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend played by Blake Lively. The merciless head of the Baja Cartel, played by Salma Hayek, and her enforcer, played by Benicio Del Toro, think that forcing Chon and Ben to join them will be easy. Oh, but they sorely underestimate the two friends’ unbreakable bond and their love for the beautiful Ophelia. Add a dirty DEA agent played by John Travolta, and you’ve got a vicious, high stakes battle of wills. Just a warning – a few taboo torture scenes caused several women in the audience to walk out of the screening, CeCe says. But if you can stomach the violence, the story line and the strong cast make this a great cinematic experience.

Dark Knight Rises, July 20: You might not know it, but TauBu Girl Megan is a bit of a superhero geek. So you know she’ll be at the front of the line on opening night of Dark Knight Rises, the latest in the Batman series. The story picks up eight years after Batman took the fall for Two Face’s crimes and features Bane, a new terrorist played by Tom Hardy. Gotham’s finest is struggling to hold Bane and his plans to destroy the city at bay. So, despite his tarnished reputation, the caped crusader, again played by Christian Bale, resurfaces to help protect the city that has branded him an enemy. Also starring are Hollywood heavy-hitters Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Ann Hathaway and Michael Caine.

The Watch, July 27: TauBu Girl Nicole is a bit of a brainiac, but still loves a great, goofy spoof flick. She’s looking forward to the sci-fi comedy The Watch, starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade as four suburban dads-turned-neighborhood watch guys. They really just want an honorable excuse to ditch their boring day-to-day family routines one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they man up to save their neighborhood and the world from total annihilation.

What are your July movie picks? Post them on the TauBu Facebook fan page.


How Do You TauBu for the Fourth of July?

The TauBu Girls want to know - How will you celebrate Independence Day?

Tomorrow is Independence Day – the day Americans celebrate telling British royalty to kiss their collective rear ends, sailing across the ocean and starting their own country. It doesn’t get much more politically taboo than that. How will you celebrate?

TauBu Girl Diamond is hitting the beach. TauBu Girl Jolyne is throwing a huge picnic party for family, friends and military members in her area. TauBu Girl Megan is taking part in an Independence Day parade. And TauBu Girl Yashira is holding a patriotic movie marathon via a huge screen set up in her back yard.

Of course, they’ll be serving up lots of ice cold TauBu beer with their barbecue, burgers, hot dogs and apple pie and settling in for fireworks shows come nightfall.

How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July? Post your plans on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

XGamers Set New World Record with Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

That Hot Wheels dream you had when you were a punk kid - Two XGamers just made it a reality.

If you weren’t in Downtown LA this weekend, you missed a hella show. TauBu sends major props to XGames champs Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy for setting a new world record with the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare.

It’s the very feat you dreamed about when you were a punk kid launching your die-cast Hot Wheels cars off the mad configurations you set up with your bright orange bendy tracks. This Saturday, that Hot Wheels dream tore into reality at 60mph with 7Gs of force. That’s what it took for Faust and Tracy to make sure they didn’t end up part of a twisted metal-and-bone heap on the bottom of the loop that measured roughly the same size as a six-story building.

If anybody was gonna pull off this madness, it was Foust and Tracy. Foust is a three-time X-Games Gold medalist and two-time Formula Drift champ who last year landed a world record breaking distance jump at the Indianapolis 500 and drove the General Lee in the movie adaptation of The Dukes of Hazzard. And Tracy is a six-time Pikes Peak champion and one of Hollywood’s top stuntmen. You’ve seen his crazy behind-the-wheels skills in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Bourne Ultimatum and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

If you couldn’t make to LA this weekend and missed the live broadcast, you’re in luck. Pop the top off a can of your favorite TauBu beer flavor and prepare to be jealous.