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How Do You TauBu for the Fourth of July?

The TauBu Girls want to know - How will you celebrate Independence Day?

Tomorrow is Independence Day – the day Americans celebrate telling British royalty to kiss their collective rear ends, sailing across the ocean and starting their own country. It doesn’t get much more politically taboo than that. How will you celebrate?

TauBu Girl Diamond is hitting the beach. TauBu Girl Jolyne is throwing a huge picnic party for family, friends and military members in her area. TauBu Girl Megan is taking part in an Independence Day parade. And TauBu Girl Yashira is holding a patriotic movie marathon via a huge screen set up in her back yard.

Of course, they’ll be serving up lots of ice cold TauBu beer with their barbecue, burgers, hot dogs and apple pie and settling in for fireworks shows come nightfall.

How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July? Post your plans on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Girls’ Top Picks for the Coolest Father’s Day Gifts

Give Dad a track ride in a Ferrari 458 Italia for Father's Day.

Sunday is Father’s Day. And if your dad’s one of the cool guys, a department store tie ain’t gonna cut it. Instead, give your dad the gift of an extreme experience he won’t forget. The TauBu Girls offer their top pics for slammin’ Father’s Day surprises.

  • TauBu Girl Ricke’s pick – Shark Diving: Head for the coast and take your dad for a dip with some finned friends. Diving with the sharks, especially in South Florida and the Bahamas, is becoming an insanely popular attraction. And you don’t need to be a master diver. You and Dad can make your dive in a cage, which allows you to get up close and personal with these underwater predators while safely behind bars (not a phrase you typically like to associate with dear ol’ Dad, but you get the point in this case). If you and Pops happen to be Advanced Open Water Certified, then you might get the option of shark diving cageless.
  • TauBu Girl Diamond’s pick – Exotics Racing: If Dad’s more of a landlubber, then pack up and head to Vegas, baby. Make your way to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an Exotics Racing experience. Dad gets his choice of amazing jaw-dropping rides like the Lamborghini Aventador LP700, Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C. Packages range from a 2-lap ride-along, to five laps behind the wheel to 100 laps with a private coach. If Dad’s always dreamed of being a racecar driver, this is the next best thing.
  • TauBu Girl Aubrey’s pick – Air Combat Flying: Is Dad’s always had an eye for the sky, head to Phoenix for a Top Gun Fighter Pilot experience with Fighter Combat International. Dad will take the controls and fly with an actual military fighter pilot on an an as-real-as-it-gets mission. He’ll fly multiple real air combat engagements against the adversary in an Extra 300L, the world’s highest performance aerobatic airplane equipped with a gunsight. Only the bullets are simulated. Dad can choose half-day, two-day or five-day adventure. Or, he can opt for the Air Show Pilot experience flying air show maneuvers like loops, hammerheads, torque rolls, tumbles, etc.

Now, doesn’t that dinner at the local steak joint and pin-striped tie you were planning sound pathetic? Man up and do right by the man who raised you. Got other extreme Father’s Day gift ideas? Post them on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Girls’ Early Summer Movie Picks

Campy horror flick Pirhanha 3DD is among the TauBu Girls' summer movie picks.

The TauBu Girls are big fans of the big screen. And we ain’t talking cheesy, weepy chick flicks. They love action, special effects, sexy comedies, campy horror flicks and anything that gives a cinematic nod to the taboo. Here are their top picks for movie-going in June.

Battleship, May 18: Plenty of action, special effects and muscle flexing in this film based on the Hasbro head game you loved as a kid, says TauBu Girl Diamond. Yet, it’s also quite the love story, kicking off with a violent string of mishaps that involves a beautiful blonde in bar, a taser gun and a chicken burrito. Romance at its cinematic finest – if you’re the TauBu type. It goes on to deliver a storyline that gives serious props to America’s retired and injured military veterans.

Snow White and the Huntsman, June 1: TauBu Girl Rickie is looking forward to this one. After all, she shares a few traits with the fairytale heroine. Both are raven-haired beauties with mad sword skills. This reworked version of the Brothers Grimm’s most famous tale ain’t for the kiddies, though. It’s a badass chick flick that even the biggest guy’s guy will love. Lust, hate, violence and raw, edgy scenes that put Snow White in a suit of armor, plus one epic girl fight. Evil Apple, anyone?

Piranha 3DD, June 1: This is one for the campy horror flick fans, says TauBu Girl Ginny. After their spring break feeding frenzy at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream in this dark comedy sequel to 2010′s Piranha. This time, they make their way to Big Wet, a new local water park where the tanned, toned, frat boy and sorority girl set go hoping to “get wet, get loaded and get some,” says the description. Brawny guys, busty babes, blood and gore to spare.

Which of these are you looking forward to?  Pop the top on your favorite TauBu flavor, take a look at these trailers and post your May/June movie picks on the TauBu Facebook fan page.
Piranha 3DD Trailer

Battleship Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman

TauBu’s Sexiest Sights on Oscars Night

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, 2012 Oscars

Everyone’s talking about the Academy Awards today. Admit it – you Googled the best dressed lists and YouTubed the highlights before you finished your morning coffee and clocked in for work. Well, the TauBu Girls sure did. And they’ve decided to regale us with their own picks for the sexiest sights of Oscars night.

TauBu Girl Rickie says the hands-down sexiest scene at the Kodak Theatre was Angelina Jolie’s thigh shot. Sure, she got a little flack about it. Some say her leggy pose was appropriate for the red carpet, but a little awkward for the stage. No matter, says Rickie. A beautiful set of legs is a beautiful thing to see, no matter the scenario. In fact, Angelina’s thigh now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account, as does Jennifer Lopez’ nipple.

Speaking of, TauBu Girl Edita didn’t mind Lopez’ near nip-slip. But that back-shot of the gorgeous Latina and everyone’s favorite fun girl Cameron Diaz topped it all. Their over-the-shoulder smiles and shapely derrieres made for the sexiest shot of the night, Edita says.

Milla Jovovich’s come-hither smile caught TauBu Girl Christa’s attention. “That white-hot, one-shouldered dress showed off her curves and just enough skin. Her up-do exposed her neck and back and that crimson smile against her light skin, dress and accessories just set off the whole look.”

George Clooney quipped that he already had his gold statue, referring to Stacy Kiebler’s statuesque figure and her form-fitting gold dress reminiscent of melted gold. TauBu Girl Diamond agrees. “Stacy really stole the red carpet show.”

It was easy to guess which look TauBu Girl Amanda would like most. Judy Greer’s dress screamed “dangerous curves ahead” with lines of silver shimmer and dramatic black. “It kind of looked like a stylized impression of a racetrack,” says Amanda, an amateur racecar driver with her sights set on going pro.

But for TauBu Girl Kali, it wasn’t a celebrity who struck her as the night’s sexiest. Instead, it was the women of Cirque du Soleil. “I’m pretty proud of my own athletic talents, but these women blow me away,” Kali says. “Their performance is a real testament to the amazing capabilities of the human body.”

Pop the top on a can of Midnite Berry TauBu beer and enjoy this gallery of sexy Oscar night sights courtesy of And let us know who caught your eye last night. Post your thoughts on our TauBu Facebook fan page.


January 2012 TauBu Girl Diamond is on the roster of the Lingerie Football League's Dallas Desire.

Hello, TauBu Fans. This is Diamond and I’m stoked to be the January 2012 TauBu Girl. What a way to start the New Year! Let me tell you a little about myself…

First, yes – Diamond is my real, birth-given name. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up as a diehard tomboy who would rather wear mud than pink. Fast forward to the twenty-year-old me and pink is my favorite color paired with high heels!

Of course, I still love to get dirty and have put my sports background to good use on the football field playing for MTV’s Lingerie Football League’s Dallas Desire for the third year in a row – beating out over 200 girls each year for a place on the 20 slot roster! I also began competing in NPC Bikini competitions this past year and plan to do so next year in addition to their fitness category! Fitness requires not only a beautiful physique but I’m also required to do a 2.5-minute routine showcasing my flexibility, tumbling abilities, dancing and a series of one-arm pushups.

Needless to say, I have always been highly competitive and I thoroughly enjoy being a girly girl these days. I love to work out, read and spend time with friends and family. I still reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where I work full time for an oil and gas company and model part time for fun. If not on MTV, you might have seen me in one of dozens of print ads and promotions I’ve done. I was Miss July 2010 in the Red Dirt Divas Calendar, appeared in the HBO special “Slumber Party” and was a San Antonio Featured Model on

My motto: “Life’s too short too slow down. That’s why, when running gets too tough, you strap a rocket to your ass.”

My favorite TauBu flavor: I love to mix up an Evil Apple martini with just a splash of Midnite Berry.

Want to know more about me? Visit the TauBu website and Facebook fan page regularly.