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The Partier’s Guide to College

As August heats up, thousands of TauBu fans are headed to college. If you’re matriculating (big word, eh?) as an of-age drinker and new to the college party scene, the TauBu Girls have a few helpful tips.

  1. “Show up fashionably late,” says TauBu Girl Edita. “The college party scene doesn’t start jumping until after 10:30 p.m. And nothing screams ‘I’m a freshman’ like showing up all eager-beaver an hour ahead of time. At best, it’s awkward. At worst, you won’t be invited back for the next one.”
  2. “Ladies, leave your skinny jeans and Jimmy Choos locked away in your dorm,” says TauBu Girl Ginny. “Especially if you’re headed to a house party or basement party. If you’re partying right, you’re dancing all night and that gets hot. Plus, you can count on getting spilled upon on a pretty regular basis, so that high-dollar designer dress is not a good idea either. Instead, rock a pair of Daisy Dukes with a cute, flowy top or don a sexy-sweet sundress and sandals. Most college parties are pretty casual.”
  3. “Girls, don’t show up with your male entourage. Guys, make sure you don’t show up without a flock of females,” says TauBu Girl CeCe. “Yes – this is a straight-up double standard, but you just gotta work it, especially if your party hosts are guys. No guy wants to see a potential hook-up show up with a gaggle of other guys. So girls-only groups showing up at the door will get lots of attention. Of course, your guy friends will be welcome, ladies – just arrange for them to show up a half-hour later. Guys, you’ll be welcomed quicker if you show up with several ladies. One for you and a few fun-loving singles is your best-bet scenario.”
  4. “Get to know the hosts,” says TauBu Girl Eden. “At most college parties, 90 percent of the guests have no idea who’s doing the honors. Seek out your hosts and strike up a conversation with them. Making nice will help ensure you know when and where the next big throwdown is taking place.”

Above all, have a blast, but drink legally and responsibly. Your college years just might be your best yet, and you’ll want to be around to remember them 20 years from now.

TauBu Girls Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? The TauBu Girls share their plans.

Never mind the fact that you’re not actually in Mexico. Or that you have no Mexican heritage. Or even a Mexican friend that you know of. American partiers all across the U.S. are going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo anyway. Why? Because we Americans know a little something about the fight for freedom, too. And because any reason to eat, drink and be crazy is a good one.

In case you’re not up on your history, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 battle in which the Mexican Army delivered a legendary ass-whoopin’ on the French Army, despite being ridiculously outnumbered. Add the fact that the French had not lost a battle in over 50 years at the time, and you can see why this is a moment in time the Mexicans will never stop celebrating. For them, it’s a matter of intense national pride. And for the rest of us across the globe, it’s a reminder of the game-changing potential of the underdog with the right determination and the cojones to act upon it. That’s the TauBu way!

We’re not the only ones honing in on the celebration. Each May 5th, Canada celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a skydiving demonstration, the Cayman Islands holds an air guitar competition, and the Mediterranean island of Malta hosts a Mexican beer drinking competition. And here in the good ol’ USA, the TauBu Girls are partying down, too.

TauBu Girl Aubrey is throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for about 100 of her nearest and dearest. She’ll serve up lots of Mexican fare, including a few specialties. She rocks the margarita cupcake and mojito ice pop recipes with a few dashes of TauBu’s newest Golden Margarita and Mojito bottled cocktails.

TauBu Girl Nicole is hitting up a Cinco de Mayo festival with her girlfriends. They’ll wear blazing hot little sundresses emblazoned with the colors of the Mexican flag – red, green and white. And TauBu Girl Edita is taking her celebration South of the Border. She plans to spend the weekend on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

Whatever your Cinco de Mayo plans, make sure your ice tubs are stocked with TauBu malt liquor products. Party hard, but party safe.

TauBu’s Sexiest Sights on Oscars Night

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, 2012 Oscars

Everyone’s talking about the Academy Awards today. Admit it – you Googled the best dressed lists and YouTubed the highlights before you finished your morning coffee and clocked in for work. Well, the TauBu Girls sure did. And they’ve decided to regale us with their own picks for the sexiest sights of Oscars night.

TauBu Girl Rickie says the hands-down sexiest scene at the Kodak Theatre was Angelina Jolie’s thigh shot. Sure, she got a little flack about it. Some say her leggy pose was appropriate for the red carpet, but a little awkward for the stage. No matter, says Rickie. A beautiful set of legs is a beautiful thing to see, no matter the scenario. In fact, Angelina’s thigh now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account, as does Jennifer Lopez’ nipple.

Speaking of, TauBu Girl Edita didn’t mind Lopez’ near nip-slip. But that back-shot of the gorgeous Latina and everyone’s favorite fun girl Cameron Diaz topped it all. Their over-the-shoulder smiles and shapely derrieres made for the sexiest shot of the night, Edita says.

Milla Jovovich’s come-hither smile caught TauBu Girl Christa’s attention. “That white-hot, one-shouldered dress showed off her curves and just enough skin. Her up-do exposed her neck and back and that crimson smile against her light skin, dress and accessories just set off the whole look.”

George Clooney quipped that he already had his gold statue, referring to Stacy Kiebler’s statuesque figure and her form-fitting gold dress reminiscent of melted gold. TauBu Girl Diamond agrees. “Stacy really stole the red carpet show.”

It was easy to guess which look TauBu Girl Amanda would like most. Judy Greer’s dress screamed “dangerous curves ahead” with lines of silver shimmer and dramatic black. “It kind of looked like a stylized impression of a racetrack,” says Amanda, an amateur racecar driver with her sights set on going pro.

But for TauBu Girl Kali, it wasn’t a celebrity who struck her as the night’s sexiest. Instead, it was the women of Cirque du Soleil. “I’m pretty proud of my own athletic talents, but these women blow me away,” Kali says. “Their performance is a real testament to the amazing capabilities of the human body.”

Pop the top on a can of Midnite Berry TauBu beer and enjoy this gallery of sexy Oscar night sights courtesy of And let us know who caught your eye last night. Post your thoughts on our TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Beer Makers Give Props for Best Movie Publicity Stunt Ever

"Chronicle" hits movie theaters nationwide tonight, after one of the most memorable viral publicity stunts ever.

New Yorkers are a notoriously tough crowd. They’ve seen it all and then some, so impressing them is no easy task. That’s why the publicity team for the new movie Chronicle (about a group of teens who get in touch with their dark sides after discovering they have super powers) knew they had to do something big – something that would go viral – something that would not only impress, but maybe even convince onlookers that superpowers really do exist.

Okay – maybe that last one is pushing it just a little. But we here at TauBu think the prank that Chronicle‘s pushers came up with proved pretty spectacular. It happened this past weekend when New Yorkers traipsing the sidewalks or peering out windows looked up to see three “flying people” making like Superman over the Hudson River. Out came smartphones by the dozens and within minutes, video went viral.

From a distance, the three flying figures looked like actual people, onlookers said. If they truly had been living, breathing humans – well, that’s the only thing that would have made this prank a notch cooler. In fact, they were highly sophisticated, battery-powered, radio-controlled units made of dacron/carbon fiber, says James Percelay, co-founder of Thinkmodo, a company that specializes in creating viral publicity campaigns. Six-feet tall but weighing only five pounds, the flying people were operated by three tech geeks who are members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and have mad remote-control skills. They practiced flying for two days in Long Island before landing city permits and taking their expertise to New York City.

People lucky enough to catch the stunt live say it looked like an aerial ballet – so much so that they were almost disappointed when they learned they figures weren’t people in wingsuits after all. The jig was up when one flyer lost battery power, took a dive into the Hudson and had to be fished out by the NYC Harbor patrol.

In any case, Chronicle, which hits theaters nationwide tonight, is expected to have a massive box office turnout. TauBu Girl Edita plans to be first in line in her town. So that got us to thinking. If you could plan a viral publicity stunt for TauBu, what would it entail? Pop open a can of Midnite Berry, Evil Apple or Wicked Punch and enjoy these videos of the flying people stunt and the Chronicle trailer. Then, post your craziest ideas for a TauBu viral campaign stunt on our Facebook fan page. Who knows? We just might pick yours.

Check out the Chronicle publicity stunt featuring “people planes” flying over the Hudson River…

And the Chronicle trailer…

New Year’s Resolutions for the TauBu Life

Want to live the TauBu life this year? Amp up your New Year's resolutions.

If you’re looking to put some excitement into your life during 2012, you’ve found the right blog. The makers of TauBu beer and the beautiful TauBu Girls have a few suggestions for your list of New Year’s resolutions. Get ready to give your boring old life a wicked punch, amp up your style and live the TauBu life:

  • Resolve to ditch the gym: These days, gyms look a bit more like nightclubs with the lights on. They’ve become more social hangouts or pickup markets than real exercise centers. Plus, even those who really do keep their garden-variety resolution and actually exercise at the gym don’t always get their money’s worth. That’s why TauBu Girl Kali recommends ditching the gym for some real, hardcore exercise. Extreme or outdoors activities like surfing, skateboarding, hiking or rock climbing help work more of your muscles in more ways because the movements are not repetitive like they are on the stair stepper at the gym.
  • Resolve to face something that freaks you out: Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Turns out it’s one of TauBu Girl Edita’s favorite quotes. “If you can manage to balls up and conquer that one challenge you’ve been avoiding, you’ll be shocked at how powerful you feel,” Edita promises. And that confidence no doubt will spill over into other areas of your life, pushing you to see just how awesome you can be.
  • Resolve to prove them wrong: Got a critic telling you that you aren’t quite strong enough, smart enough, talented enough, etc. to grab that goal by the horns? TauBu Girl Lauren dares you to prove him/her wrong. Truth be told, criticism is often just a way for a wimp to mask his own fear. If he lacks the cojones to get the job done himself, he surely doesn’t want you publicly one-upping him. Whether it’s landing that trick or getting that job or winning that hottie’s attention, show ‘em how it’s done.
  • Resolve to take a stand: See an injustice that boils your blood? Got a cause that you believe in wholeheartedly? TauBu Girl Anna wants to know what you’re gonna do about it. It ain’t enough to say you support a cause. If you’ve got a TauBu kind of attitude, get out there and take some action. Start a petition, throw a fundraising event, feed some homeless, rescue a shelter pet, teach an at-risk kid a new skill, stand on the bow of a dinghy and scream obscenities at Japanese whalers — whatever it is you believe in, make it an active part of your life.
  • Resolve to have more fun: All work and no play makes for a very dull life. We’ve all got to make a living and deal with the minutia that life throws at us. But having a little fun helps make all the non-fun stuff a bit more bearable, TauBu Girl Amanda says. So, while you’re filling up your calendar with meetings and errands and trips to the dentist, make sure you schedule some time to rip it up or just chill out.

What’s your biggest, baddest New Year’s resolution? TauBu wants to know. Post it on our Facebook Fan page.

Got Mad Snowboarding Skills? TauBu’s Got a Challenge for You.

The USCC's 2011-2012 snowmobile racing season gets underway this month.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the nation’s best sledders at their own game, TauBu’s got a challenge for you. The United States Cross-Country Snowmobile Racing Association (USCC) runs races featuring both professional and amateur snowmobilers nationwide. And their 2011-2012 season starts this month.

Based in Minto, North Dakota, the USCC Racing Circuit is North America’s largest cross-country snowmobile organization. It’s not only an adrenaline-pumping, ultra-competitive sport, it’s also a proving ground for new snowmobile products. Cross country racers’ sleds basically are stock, which means they’re being tested – a little like those crash test dummy-driven cars you see on auto manufacturers’ commercials. If the sleds developed or used by snowmobiling competitors in these races make it to the end of the season in one reasonably solid piece, it’s likely you’ll see them on the market available to the average consumer within the next few years.

Sanctioned by International Snowmobile Racing the USCC has grown each of its 10 years and recently expanded with an Eastern circuit dubbed USCC East. Their combined schedules include races in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine and New York starting with the USCC’s December 31 season opener in Grafton, ND and continuing throughout 2012.

So, TauBu lifers – are you ready to take on the challenge? You don’t have to be a USCC season member in order to race. You can enter races on a daily membership basis, but you won’t be eligible for the year-end points awards unless you join as a season member. Entry and insurance fees, and sometimes pit fees are charged, but the payoffs are worth it if you win. There are some equipment and personal safety requirements so get yourself a USCC handbook or ISR rulebook and get ‘cha study on. And watch out! TauBu Girl Edita just might be hot on your trail. She’s an avid snowmobiler, too.

Meet TauBu Girl Edita

The gorgous Edita, November 2011 TauBu Girl.

Here’s something to truly be thankful for this holiday season – the blue-eyed, blonde European beauty chosen as November’s TauBu Girl. Born in Lithuania, Edita came to the United States with her family when she was 15 years old. She grew up to become a dental assistant in Illinois, where she lives and also works part-time as a runway, print, online catalog and calendar model (Her gigs include modeling for a body painting calendar).

But a gorgeous picture and a good teeth cleaning are the least of what Edita does well. She loves a good pickup game of basketball and can put the pedal to the metal in a drag racing competition. Our personal favorite of Edita’s athletic talent: Turns out she’s an oil wrestling champion.

Oh, and she’s good around the house too – a result of her dad’s owning a construction company. Edita can paint walls, lay tile and install a garage door while you lounge in a lawn chair and knock back a few TauBu beers. But don’t think she will just because she can. She’s got her sights set on an entrepreneurial career as a bridal shop owner.

In her spare time, Edita loves rock climbing and kick boxing.

“I can be a sexy model one day and a wild, crazy tomboy the next,” she warns us. “There’s nothing impossible for me. I can be and do anything.”