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The Partier’s Guide to College

As August heats up, thousands of TauBu fans are headed to college. If you’re matriculating (big word, eh?) as an of-age drinker and new to the college party scene, the TauBu Girls have a few helpful tips.

  1. “Show up fashionably late,” says TauBu Girl Edita. “The college party scene doesn’t start jumping until after 10:30 p.m. And nothing screams ‘I’m a freshman’ like showing up all eager-beaver an hour ahead of time. At best, it’s awkward. At worst, you won’t be invited back for the next one.”
  2. “Ladies, leave your skinny jeans and Jimmy Choos locked away in your dorm,” says TauBu Girl Ginny. “Especially if you’re headed to a house party or basement party. If you’re partying right, you’re dancing all night and that gets hot. Plus, you can count on getting spilled upon on a pretty regular basis, so that high-dollar designer dress is not a good idea either. Instead, rock a pair of Daisy Dukes with a cute, flowy top or don a sexy-sweet sundress and sandals. Most college parties are pretty casual.”
  3. “Girls, don’t show up with your male entourage. Guys, make sure you don’t show up without a flock of females,” says TauBu Girl CeCe. “Yes – this is a straight-up double standard, but you just gotta work it, especially if your party hosts are guys. No guy wants to see a potential hook-up show up with a gaggle of other guys. So girls-only groups showing up at the door will get lots of attention. Of course, your guy friends will be welcome, ladies – just arrange for them to show up a half-hour later. Guys, you’ll be welcomed quicker if you show up with several ladies. One for you and a few fun-loving singles is your best-bet scenario.”
  4. “Get to know the hosts,” says TauBu Girl Eden. “At most college parties, 90 percent of the guests have no idea who’s doing the honors. Seek out your hosts and strike up a conversation with them. Making nice will help ensure you know when and where the next big throwdown is taking place.”

Above all, have a blast, but drink legally and responsibly. Your college years just might be your best yet, and you’ll want to be around to remember them 20 years from now.

TauBu Girls’ Early Summer Movie Picks

Campy horror flick Pirhanha 3DD is among the TauBu Girls' summer movie picks.

The TauBu Girls are big fans of the big screen. And we ain’t talking cheesy, weepy chick flicks. They love action, special effects, sexy comedies, campy horror flicks and anything that gives a cinematic nod to the taboo. Here are their top picks for movie-going in June.

Battleship, May 18: Plenty of action, special effects and muscle flexing in this film based on the Hasbro head game you loved as a kid, says TauBu Girl Diamond. Yet, it’s also quite the love story, kicking off with a violent string of mishaps that involves a beautiful blonde in bar, a taser gun and a chicken burrito. Romance at its cinematic finest – if you’re the TauBu type. It goes on to deliver a storyline that gives serious props to America’s retired and injured military veterans.

Snow White and the Huntsman, June 1: TauBu Girl Rickie is looking forward to this one. After all, she shares a few traits with the fairytale heroine. Both are raven-haired beauties with mad sword skills. This reworked version of the Brothers Grimm’s most famous tale ain’t for the kiddies, though. It’s a badass chick flick that even the biggest guy’s guy will love. Lust, hate, violence and raw, edgy scenes that put Snow White in a suit of armor, plus one epic girl fight. Evil Apple, anyone?

Piranha 3DD, June 1: This is one for the campy horror flick fans, says TauBu Girl Ginny. After their spring break feeding frenzy at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream in this dark comedy sequel to 2010′s Piranha. This time, they make their way to Big Wet, a new local water park where the tanned, toned, frat boy and sorority girl set go hoping to “get wet, get loaded and get some,” says the description. Brawny guys, busty babes, blood and gore to spare.

Which of these are you looking forward to?  Pop the top on your favorite TauBu flavor, take a look at these trailers and post your May/June movie picks on the TauBu Facebook fan page.
Piranha 3DD Trailer

Battleship Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman

Where Do You Spring Break, TauBu Fans?

Where are you spending Spring Break 2012? The TauBu Girls have a few suggestions.

Hey, spring breakers – Where are you spending your seven days of drinking and debauchery? The TauBu Girls have a few favorite spring break spots and all of them are easily accessible via travel companies like StudentCity that specialize in spring break and summer trips.

  • Cancun: TauBu Girl Anna loves the beach and party scenes. And nowhere do those two combine better than in Cancun, Mexico. You’ll always see a celebrity of some sort partying down with spring breakers at a Cancun day party, and the local nightlife is legendary. Tours of the Cancun Jungle and the Mayan ruins are plus if you’re inclined to get a little culture in, too.
  • Australia: TauBu Girl Aubrey has been surfing since she was six years old and currently lives in Hawaii where she rides the waves on boards she shapes herself. But any well traveled surfer will tell you it’s hard to beat the waves Down Under. And the Aussies are all too willing to guide you on backpack tours, allowing you to get up close and personal with Aboriginal culture and Outback wildlife.
  • South Africa: TauBu Girl Yashira is definitely the adventuresome type. But she’s got a heart of gold, too, so she loves to work volunteer opportunities into her exotic travels. Her idea of the perfect spring break trip is a week working with the resident elephants and lions at a big game reserve and sanctuary in South Africa with a few culture and nightlife excursions to Cape Town.
  • French Alps: For those who prefer ski suits to swimsuits and riding the slopes over riding the waves, a trip to the French Alps during Spring Break season is the ultimate. TauBu Girl Ginny loves to hit the European slopes, known worldwide for some crazy steep downhill rides. Dozens of resorts offer ski excursions for all skill levels, plus a pulsing nightlife.
  • Las  Vegas: TauBu Girl Jolyne loves to spend her spring breaks right here in the Good Ol’ USA. And by that, we mean Vegas, baby. Swanky penthouse suites, celebrity pool parties, nonstop nightlife and all-day gambling make for an exhaustingly fun trip. Just don’t get caught across the poker table from her. Turns out our sweet Jolyne is quite the card shark. You’ll lose your shirt, no doubt.

Where are you headed for spring break? TauBu wants to know. Leave us a comment and post your pictures on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Debuts New “Golden Margarita” on National Margarita Day

Introducing TauBu's new Golden Margarita - Just in time for National Margarita Day!

Hello, drinkin’ fans! Ginny here. As February’s TauBu Girl, I’m loving the opportunity to debut one of our newest drinks. After all, February 22 is National Margarita Day, so what better time to introduce TauBu’s new “Golden Margarita?”

The Margarita’s origins are a bit dubious. Though there’s no solid proof, the going theory is that this tangy tequila-based libation was invented in 1941 by Don Carlos Orozco, a bartender at Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico. The story goes that it was a slow day at the cantina when Orozco decided to start fiddling with mixtures. In walked Margarita Henkel, the hot young daughter of a German diplomat. Orozco offered her a frosty glass of his mixture of equal parts tequila, orange liqueur and lime served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. The lovely Margarita approved, and thus was born the classic drink named for her.


Another theory points to Carlos “Danny” Herrera, a bartender with a penchant for dancing girls. While working at Mexico’s El Rancho La Gloria hotel sometime during the 1930s, Herrera offered a tasty treat to a Ziegfeld dancer named Marjorie King. She liked it so much, she danced for Herrera. And Herrera liked her so much that he named the drink for her, using the Spanish version of her name – Margarita.


There’s also the story of bartender Santo Cruz of the legendary Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas. Legend has it that he invented the Margarita in 1948 for famed Jazz singer Peggy Lee, a beautiful Swedish-Norwegian-American blonde with a voice that made men melt.


Finally, there’s the story of Daisy. Only this time, Daisy isn’t a fetching young diplomat’s daughter or a dancing girl or a honey-voiced hottie. She’s a drink that was wildly popular in the days just before news of Prohibition hit in 1919. When the prudes in police gear took over, thousands of Americans headed south to Mexico, where they first encountered that most tantalizing of liquid treats – tequila. Turns out that the locals had taken a liking to the Americans’ Daisy, but switched out the brandy for their beloved tequila.

Critics cry foul on the Daisy theory, arguing that the Daisy and the Margarita are two completely different drinks with completely different ingredients save for the ice. And it does seem a bit curious that Margarita is supposedly the Spanish version of Marjorie, Peggy Lee AND Daisy.

No matter the origin, the Margarita is a favorite libation that’s here to stay. Lots of variations exist and our new Golden Margarita is TauBu’s own tasty twist. So raise a frosty bottle, make a toast and enjoy National Margarita Day. Start by visiting the National Margarita Day website and locating a celebration near you. You can bet the TauBu Girls will be partying somewhere. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the TauBu Lover

TauBu Girls share their top Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Got your lover a Valentine’s Day gift yet? The TauBu Girls share what they want and what they’re getting their guys for day set aside just for lovers.

TauBu Girl Ginny loves a bit of romantic tradition spiced up with a touch of the wild. She’s hoping for a trip to Jungle Island in South Florida for a few hours of behind-the-scenes mingling with the lions and tigers and bears – Oh, my! Ok, maybe not the lions and tigers and bears, but definitely the red-ruffed lemurs, capuchin monkeys and Andean condors. Street cred earned by coming face-to-face with the cassowary, known as the most legal bird on the planet. Looks a little like an emu but rocks a middle toe claw capable of severing an arm or slicing open an abdomen. Survive that, and you get a romantic champagne lunch overlooking a flamingo exhibit. If you’re nowhere near South Florida, no worries. Lots of zoos and wildlife sanctuaries nationwide offer similar Valentine’s Day events and specials.

TauBu Girl Anna‘s guy is gonna get a big surprise for Valentine’s Day. He has no idea that the two are going to take the plunge. No – not marriage. Extreme sports fan Anna’s arranged for a tandem bungee jumping experience. They’ll embrace each other lovingly while they take an adrenaline-pumping plunge off the side of a bridge with only an elastic cord wrapped around their ankles. Okay, that “loving embrace” might feel more like a full-body death grip. But you can bet the amorous couple will be smiling when it’s over.

TauBu Girl Courtney is a bit of a traditional gal. She wants the flowers, the candlelit dinner, something sparkly and a romantic stroll down some artsy alley. And she’s already picked up a sexy little nightie from the TauBu store online.

Got a sweet, slightly taboo Valentine’s Day gift idea? TauBu wants to hear it. Post your ideas on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

Meet Ginny: February 2012 TauBu Girl

February 2012 TauBu Girl Ginny Gunn.

Ginny Gunn landed her first professional photo shoot less than three years ago. History in the making, as they say. Her career since has exploded, making Ginny a sought-after international print, cover, promotional, brand and spokesmodel. She’s also dabbled in acting and is a fitness devotee who writes a blog doling out exercise, diet and supplementation tips to ladies who long to look as great as she does. And she’s our February 2012 TauBu Girl.

If you think you’ve seen Ginny before, you very likely have. She’s graced the covers and pages of Maxim (where she was a Cary, North Carolina Hometown Hotties semifinalist),,, and, where she was an “Afternoon Delight” featured model. She also appears on the cover of Country band Hellbound Glory’s new album, Damaged Goods; landed a nomination for the 2011 Carolina Music Awards Model of the year title; and took home the 2010 Miss Look Swimwear International title. And she’s a spokesmodel for Swole Sports Nutrition.

Outside of the camera’s frame, Ginny is a ferocious hockey fan, a deep sea fishing enthusiast, a fan of scary movies and an amazing cook. She swears her sexiest feature is her eyes, but guesses that men would say it’s her abs. We say this 5’1″ 95-pound blonde has a whole list of sexiest features. Too bad for you – she’s off the market with a husband and a toddler.

Be sure to take a look at Ginny’s pics. And if you think you’ve got what it takes to be our next TauBu Girl, sign up and send us your pics.