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Meet Megan: June 2012 TauBu Girl

June 2012 TauBu Girl Megan loves the Las Vegas lifestyle.

Hi there! My name is Megan and I was born and raised in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. No, I do not live in a hotel. However, living 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip my whole life has been quite an experience. I tended to avoid the Strip unless I was hitting up one of the amazing pools, like the Mandalay Bay Beach. Instead I was thrill seeking whether it was cliff jumping at Nelson’s Landing on the Colorado River, riding motorcycles, hiking through caves, going shooting, snowboarding at Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort or attending local rodeos.

Although my tomboy ways never faded – I still love that extreme sports adrenaline rush – I also have a girly side that comes out in my dancing. I started dancing at the age of three and have loved it ever since. I’ve studied tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe and competitive, but tap is my favorite. I danced on my high school dance team during my freshman and sophomore years. After graduating from high school a year early with honors (oh, yes – I’m sexy-smart!), I headed to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I’m currently a Biochemistry major with a minor in dance. Eventually, I plan a career as a Physical Therapist.

Until then, I work in an optometry office as an assistant and model part time to have fun and meet new people. In Las Vegas there are hundreds of conventions each year. Through my talent agency I am booked as a brand model or greeter with some of those conventions including the Magic Fashion Convention. This year I hope to be booked with SEMA which is a massive car convention hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Vegas is so much more than just a party city. People live, work, and play here both on and off the Strip. I live for my family and friends and to have fun! Life is all about having fun, succeeding, and striving for what you want in life.

My motto: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

My favorite quote: “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.”