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TauBu Girls’ Early Summer Movie Picks

Campy horror flick Pirhanha 3DD is among the TauBu Girls' summer movie picks.

The TauBu Girls are big fans of the big screen. And we ain’t talking cheesy, weepy chick flicks. They love action, special effects, sexy comedies, campy horror flicks and anything that gives a cinematic nod to the taboo. Here are their top picks for movie-going in June.

Battleship, May 18: Plenty of action, special effects and muscle flexing in this film based on the Hasbro head game you loved as a kid, says TauBu Girl Diamond. Yet, it’s also quite the love story, kicking off with a violent string of mishaps that involves a beautiful blonde in bar, a taser gun and a chicken burrito. Romance at its cinematic finest – if you’re the TauBu type. It goes on to deliver a storyline that gives serious props to America’s retired and injured military veterans.

Snow White and the Huntsman, June 1: TauBu Girl Rickie is looking forward to this one. After all, she shares a few traits with the fairytale heroine. Both are raven-haired beauties with mad sword skills. This reworked version of the Brothers Grimm’s most famous tale ain’t for the kiddies, though. It’s a badass chick flick that even the biggest guy’s guy will love. Lust, hate, violence and raw, edgy scenes that put Snow White in a suit of armor, plus one epic girl fight. Evil Apple, anyone?

Piranha 3DD, June 1: This is one for the campy horror flick fans, says TauBu Girl Ginny. After their spring break feeding frenzy at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream in this dark comedy sequel to 2010′s Piranha. This time, they make their way to Big Wet, a new local water park where the tanned, toned, frat boy and sorority girl set go hoping to “get wet, get loaded and get some,” says the description. Brawny guys, busty babes, blood and gore to spare.

Which of these are you looking forward to?  Pop the top on your favorite TauBu flavor, take a look at these trailers and post your May/June movie picks on the TauBu Facebook fan page.
Piranha 3DD Trailer

Battleship Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman