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TauBu High Octane Beer Lovers are Gonna Love Ford’s Octane Academy

Okay, so you don't HAVE to wear a candy-apple red getup like this one, but you do have to impress the judges with your video audtition if you want to make the cut for Ford's Octane Academy.

The TauBu lifestyle is a fast one. So those who love TauBu’s high octane beer no doubt are gonna love Ford’s Octane Academy. It’s your chance to get in the fast lane – literally – with four of today’s top extreme racers: Vaughn Gittin, Jr., Ken Block, Tanner Faust and Brian Deegan.

If you’ve got the cojones to try, you could win the chance to compete in one of four 4-day fantasy camps designed to test your athleticism, your attitude and your audacity behind the wheel of Gittin Jr.’s Mustang drift car, Block’s and Foust’s rally machines or Deegan’s off-road truck. On-road and off-road challenges, dangerous dares and adrenalin pumping course tests lend you the opportunity to show up racing’s most decorated champs.

“Getting the chance to create my own challenges for the hard-core competitors who want to take on the challenge of Ford Octane Academy is going to be crazy,” said Deegan in a media release announcing the program. “I can’t wait to bring competitors to my spot, the Compound, to give them the ultimate Ford action-sports adventure.”

Oh – Did we mention the best part? The overall winner of each camp will drive home a one-of-a-kind vehicle created by Block, Foust, Deegan or Gittin Jr.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re game to take on today’s top racing pros, hit up to find out how to register. By the way, this program ain’t just for the guys. In fact, we won’t be surprised to see one of our TauBu Girls go head-to-head with the top Octane Academy competitors. Raise a high octane beer toast to racing’s best and get your video audition out there.