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TauBu’s Sexiest Sights on Oscars Night

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, 2012 Oscars

Everyone’s talking about the Academy Awards today. Admit it – you Googled the best dressed lists and YouTubed the highlights before you finished your morning coffee and clocked in for work. Well, the TauBu Girls sure did. And they’ve decided to regale us with their own picks for the sexiest sights of Oscars night.

TauBu Girl Rickie says the hands-down sexiest scene at the Kodak Theatre was Angelina Jolie’s thigh shot. Sure, she got a little flack about it. Some say her leggy pose was appropriate for the red carpet, but a little awkward for the stage. No matter, says Rickie. A beautiful set of legs is a beautiful thing to see, no matter the scenario. In fact, Angelina’s thigh now has its own Facebook page and Twitter account, as does Jennifer Lopez’ nipple.

Speaking of, TauBu Girl Edita didn’t mind Lopez’ near nip-slip. But that back-shot of the gorgeous Latina and everyone’s favorite fun girl Cameron Diaz topped it all. Their over-the-shoulder smiles and shapely derrieres made for the sexiest shot of the night, Edita says.

Milla Jovovich’s come-hither smile caught TauBu Girl Christa’s attention. “That white-hot, one-shouldered dress showed off her curves and just enough skin. Her up-do exposed her neck and back and that crimson smile against her light skin, dress and accessories just set off the whole look.”

George Clooney quipped that he already had his gold statue, referring to Stacy Kiebler’s statuesque figure and her form-fitting gold dress reminiscent of melted gold. TauBu Girl Diamond agrees. “Stacy really stole the red carpet show.”

It was easy to guess which look TauBu Girl Amanda would like most. Judy Greer’s dress screamed “dangerous curves ahead” with lines of silver shimmer and dramatic black. “It kind of looked like a stylized impression of a racetrack,” says Amanda, an amateur racecar driver with her sights set on going pro.

But for TauBu Girl Kali, it wasn’t a celebrity who struck her as the night’s sexiest. Instead, it was the women of Cirque du Soleil. “I’m pretty proud of my own athletic talents, but these women blow me away,” Kali says. “Their performance is a real testament to the amazing capabilities of the human body.”

Pop the top on a can of Midnite Berry TauBu beer and enjoy this gallery of sexy Oscar night sights courtesy of And let us know who caught your eye last night. Post your thoughts on our TauBu Facebook fan page.