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How Do You TauBu for the Fourth of July?

The TauBu Girls want to know - How will you celebrate Independence Day?

Tomorrow is Independence Day – the day Americans celebrate telling British royalty to kiss their collective rear ends, sailing across the ocean and starting their own country. It doesn’t get much more politically taboo than that. How will you celebrate?

TauBu Girl Diamond is hitting the beach. TauBu Girl Jolyne is throwing a huge picnic party for family, friends and military members in her area. TauBu Girl Megan is taking part in an Independence Day parade. And TauBu Girl Yashira is holding a patriotic movie marathon via a huge screen set up in her back yard.

Of course, they’ll be serving up lots of ice cold TauBu beer with their barbecue, burgers, hot dogs and apple pie and settling in for fireworks shows come nightfall.

How do you plan to celebrate the Fourth of July? Post your plans on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

Where Do You Spring Break, TauBu Fans?

Where are you spending Spring Break 2012? The TauBu Girls have a few suggestions.

Hey, spring breakers – Where are you spending your seven days of drinking and debauchery? The TauBu Girls have a few favorite spring break spots and all of them are easily accessible via travel companies like StudentCity that specialize in spring break and summer trips.

  • Cancun: TauBu Girl Anna loves the beach and party scenes. And nowhere do those two combine better than in Cancun, Mexico. You’ll always see a celebrity of some sort partying down with spring breakers at a Cancun day party, and the local nightlife is legendary. Tours of the Cancun Jungle and the Mayan ruins are plus if you’re inclined to get a little culture in, too.
  • Australia: TauBu Girl Aubrey has been surfing since she was six years old and currently lives in Hawaii where she rides the waves on boards she shapes herself. But any well traveled surfer will tell you it’s hard to beat the waves Down Under. And the Aussies are all too willing to guide you on backpack tours, allowing you to get up close and personal with Aboriginal culture and Outback wildlife.
  • South Africa: TauBu Girl Yashira is definitely the adventuresome type. But she’s got a heart of gold, too, so she loves to work volunteer opportunities into her exotic travels. Her idea of the perfect spring break trip is a week working with the resident elephants and lions at a big game reserve and sanctuary in South Africa with a few culture and nightlife excursions to Cape Town.
  • French Alps: For those who prefer ski suits to swimsuits and riding the slopes over riding the waves, a trip to the French Alps during Spring Break season is the ultimate. TauBu Girl Ginny loves to hit the European slopes, known worldwide for some crazy steep downhill rides. Dozens of resorts offer ski excursions for all skill levels, plus a pulsing nightlife.
  • Las  Vegas: TauBu Girl Jolyne loves to spend her spring breaks right here in the Good Ol’ USA. And by that, we mean Vegas, baby. Swanky penthouse suites, celebrity pool parties, nonstop nightlife and all-day gambling make for an exhaustingly fun trip. Just don’t get caught across the poker table from her. Turns out our sweet Jolyne is quite the card shark. You’ll lose your shirt, no doubt.

Where are you headed for spring break? TauBu wants to know. Leave us a comment and post your pictures on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Beer Makers Want to Know – Are You a Tough Mudder?

TauBu Girl Yashira is confident she's got what it takes to take on this Tough Mudder. We don't doubt it.

Think you’ve got what it takes to take on 12 miles of British Special Forces testing? Bring it! TauBu beer makers just discovered Tough Mudder, the premier obstacle course series in the world. And we can’t wait to see one of our fans take the challenge.

Held in fields, ponds and swamps throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom Ireland, Japan and Australia, Tough Mudder events put thousands of the ballsy-est men and women on the globe through the kinds of hardcore paces that real warriors go through to prove themselves worthy of battle. In fact, these obstacle courses are designed by the British Special Forces and each features 10 to 12 miles of hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, fire and 10,000 volts of electricity. You’ll push yourself up and over 12-foot walls, through underground mud tunnels and across murky bodies of water. There’s also ice-water dunking, monkey bar traversing and huge slip n’ sliding going on.

It’s not just about being in mad physical shape, though. It’s also about teamwork and camaraderie, on the course and off. Just like soldiers on the battlefield, Tough Mudders are expected to make sure no one gets left behind. Oh, and they’re expected to have some fun, too. Especially when it comes to the costume contest with four categories:

  • Most Bad-Ass (best costume);
  • Most Dumb-Ass (worst costume);
  • Most Ass (costume with the least clothing) and;
  • Most Likely To Have Been In The Village People (self-explanatory).

Top costumers win awards. But the top kudos goes to winners of the Tough Mudder Respect Awards, doled out to participants who have overcome illness, injury or misfortune to compete. And Tough Mudder raises funds (more than $2 million already) for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services for injured service members.

Think you can man up and handle your business on a Tough Mudder course? Prove it. But you just might have to catch up to TauBu Girl Yashira to prove it to us. Here at the TauBu offices, she’s been talking smack about who’s gonna challenge her at the next Tough Mudder USA event. Anybody want to take her on? Just make sure you post your pics on the TauBu Facebook fan page.

Holiday Gifts for the TauBu Life Lover

Christmas and Hanukkah are right up on us. Have you shopped for your guy or girl yet? If not, the TauBu Girls have a few ideas that are sure to please.

A Christmas gift your signicant other won't forget: A volcano exploration excursion. TauBu Girls offer great gift ideas for those living the extreme life.

  1. Great gear: As a pro surfer, TauBu Girl Christa knows just how important it is to have the right sports gear. And she knows how expensive it all can get. If your guy or girl is an extreme sports athlete or avid outdoors type, a great piece of sporting gear is always appreciated, whether it’s a set of high-end skateboard wheels, that hot new wetsuit or a solar charger for all those portable gadgets.
  2. Event tickets: TauBu Girl Kate-Lynn loves to travel. And what better place to travel to than somewhere that’s hosting an extreme sports event. Make it a fun gift for the both of you and pick up a pair of tickets to the Winter X Games in Aspen in January, Extreme Thing in Las Vegas in March, or any of a full season AMA Supercross events scheduled in California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Georgia or Florida from January through May.
  3. Lessons: TauBu Girl Yashira isn’t one to sit on the sidelines. Like the rest of us living the TauBu Life, she loves to be right in the middle of all the action. If your significant other is the same, spring for lessons in a new sport or activity. The two of you can learn to surf, skateboard, wakeboard, rock climb – whatever piques your interest and challenges your physical status quo.
  4. Adventure package: TauBu Girl Rickie is another avid traveler and thrill seeker. And she’s a regular at Cloud 9, an online provider of adventure experiences. Go white water rafting, explore a volcano, fly a fighter jet, bungee off a bridge, learn some Ninja warrior moves, move some dirt with a bulldozer or race a dune buggy across the desert.
  5. Digital camcorder: Every extreme athlete has pulled off a feat he wishes he had on camera. After all, exercising your bragging rights just isn’t the same without the video documentation to back it all up, and a digital camcorder can help do just that, says TauBu Girl Kali.
  6. TauBu swag: No matter where you go, what you do, TauBu Girl Courtney wants you to look hot. So she highly recommends you stop by TauBu’s online store, where you’ll find a full selection of TauBu t-shirts, tank tops and caps for men and women, as well as some taboo little lingerie numbers for the ladies.

Got other great gift ideas for those living the TauBu Life? We want to hear ‘em. Post a comment on our TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Celebrates Toe Wiggling, Bad Poetry, Zucchini Pranks and Angels in August

How will you celebrate "Be an Angel Day?" TauBu wants to know!

Each month boasts a list of nationally recognized-but-little known and sometimes odd observations. Makers of TauBu, the best new beer on the market, are loving August’s list of bizarre holidays. Pop the top on a can of your favorite TauBu flavor and make celebratory plans.

August is:

  • Admit You’re Happy Month – We sure are!
  • National Catfish Month – Check our next blog for a delish TauBu beer-battered catfish recipe.
  • Peach Month – The next new TauBu flavor, perhaps? See our Facebook fan page wall to vote and comment.
  • Romance Awareness Month – Shouldn’t every month be Romance Awareness Month?
  • National Picnic Month – Be sure to pack that cooler with plenty of TauBu Evil Apple, Wicked Punch and Midnite Berry.

This month also has some very interesting daily observations. The TauBu Girls’ favorites?…

TauBu Girl Anna loves National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (Aug. 1) and Wiggle Your Toes Day (Aug. 6). “Dig your toes into the soft beach sand or dangle them in the pool while enjoying a big ole’ slice of raspberry cream pie with a cold Midnite Berry. Yum!”

TauBu Girl Yashira loves the aggressive oddity of Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night (Aug. 8). “Apparently, zucchini ripens so fast that farmers are always stuck with way more than they can possibly cook or sell,” Yashira explains. “So people started sneaking baskets of it onto neighbor’s porches because they literally couldn’t give it away. Actually, I’d rather hide in the bushes with my own basket of zucchini and use it to pelt anyone trying to unload another bushel on me. Great nighttime target practice.”

TauBu Girl Jolyne is a Bad Poetry Day (Aug. 18) champ. “I admit it – I suck at poetry. Another reason I play football.”

TauBu Girl Courtney can’t wait for Be an Angel Day (Aug. 22) and Kiss and Make Up Day (Aug. 25). “I’m an angel every day. Really, I am. Except sometimes, I’ll pick a fight just to get to the kissing and making up part.”

TauBu Girl Lauren is all about Ride the Wind Day (Aug. 23) and Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26). “Last year, I bungee jumped off a bridge. This year, I’m hang gliding off the Makapuu Cliffs in Oahu, Hawaii.”

How are you celebrating this month? Let us know. And make sure to enjoy TauBu – the best new beer – while you’re at it.

TauBu Beer Lovers Recommend Hamster-Inspired Extreme Sport – Who Wants to Try Zorbing?

TauBu beer lovers love a good zorb roll down a steep hill. Think you can stomach it?

If you caught the recent episode of Hell’s Kitchen and you happen to be an adrenalin junkie like most TauBu beer lovers, then we’re betting you got a kick out of the Red Team’s roll down the beach in a giant zorb. And we bet you’ll be stoked to know that the sport’s rising popularity means an increasing number of tourist attractions offering the chance to experience it yourself.

Resembling giant hamster balls (and by “hamster balls” we mean those plastic balls from the pet store in which hamsters run through your house, not… well, you know), the earliest zorbs were known as “human spheres” and are believed to have been manufactured during the 1970s. But they were made with hard materials including PVC piping – a bit dangerous and not at all comfortable. The zorb underwent several variations, including one that featured two deck chairs suspended inside a gimbal (that one got scrapped and parts used to cover a compost heap, we’re told). Then in 1994, a couple of New Zealanders set out to invent a proper human sphere.

Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers created a radically different sphere featuring an inner ball and an outer one separated by a layer of air that acted as a shocking absorbing system. They called their invention a zorb, created a business model for franchising zorbs and making them accessible to the thrill-seeking masses and changed human sphering history.

Today, zorbers roll down hills and off cliffs, often into large pools, rivers or even the ocean all for the sake of an adrenalin rush. In fact, TauBu Girl Yashira, an accomplished zorbonaut, recently took in the beautiful albeit blurry scenery of the Smoky Mountains in a zorb. There are even couples zorbing adventures for those who bond over potentially vomit-inducing good times. A quick Google search will pop up zorbing spots nationwide. If you’ve got the nerve to try it, take pics and post them on our TauBu Beer Facebook fan page.

Have You Seen the New TauBu High ABV Beer Commercials? How Taboo!

Actress Ava Brunini appears in one of three new TauBu TV commercials.

Promoting the new TauBu high ABV beer just got a little more taboo and a whole lot more fun. Earlier this year, we headed to Los Angeles, CA – entertainment capital of the world – to shoot three new TauBu commercials. You can see all of them on the TauBu website’s Videos page or on our YouTube channel.

TauBu Girl Jolyne’s favorite of the three commercials is “Body Count.” It’s set in a swanky resort hotel pool area and artfully shows just how distracting – and dangerous – a beautiful, bikini-clad woman can be to an unassuming maitre d’. Up-and-coming actor Matt Lara plays a sweet-faced waiter whose longing looks land him in middle of the pool. Actress Ava Brunini then marks “another one down,” so to speak, on her leg in lipstick. Catch Brunini on TV again this year in the pilot for “LoveFinder,” a romcom about online dating in Los Angeles; on an episode of the Jerry Springer hosted dating game “Baggage”; and as plaintiff Hillary Sheperd in an episode of “America’s Court with Judge Ross.” And you might recognize Lara from MTV’s “Upfront Edges” promotion.

Another up-and-coming actor Andy Greene stars in TauBu Girl Anna’s favorite, “Stairway to Heaven.” He’s quite the young cad at the breakfast table with Mom and Dad, as a parade of sexy characters from his wild night-before come down the stairs one-by-one.

And TauBu Girl Yashira loves “Good Morning,” a silent, not-so-subtle suggestion of how one lucky guy’s previous night went.

Which is your favorite TauBu commercial? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave your comments.

TauBu Girls’ Great Beer Movie Picks

The 1996 Jon Favreau/Vince Vaughn film "Swingers" is a TauBu pick for great beer movies.

Here at TauBu, we love three things more than anything: beautiful women, great beer and funny movies. So, we popped open a few cans of Evil Apple, Midnite Berry and Wicked Punch and are set to enjoy a movie marathon with the TauBu Girls’ top picks for great beer movies. Here’s what’s on the TauBu marquis (In no particular order)…

TauBu Girl Jolyne’s great beer movie pick: “Swingers” (1996)
Mike (Jon Favreau) breaks up with his six-year sweetheart and heads to LA to make it in the movies. But he can’t get a break – in film or with the LA women. And he misses his girl. So his best friend Trent (Vince Vaughn) and company make it their business to help get Mike some play while drinking it up and cuttin’ a fool in the neo-hipster underground lounge scene. Says Vaughn in one of a-few-too-many lines apparently designed to launch a new catchphrase, “You’re so money and you don’t even know it!”

TauBu Girl Anna’s great beer movie pick: “The Hangover II” (2011)
All Stu wanted was a nice, respectable bachelor brunch and a quiet night on the beach drinking a few beers and roasting marshmallows before his wedding in Thailand. What he got was a rude awakening in a seedy Bangkok apartment, a shaved head, a tattoo, cocaine-dealing money with a missing finger, a kidnapped Buddhist monk and a missing future brother-in-law. Good times.

TauBu Girl Courtney’s great beer movie pick: “Smokey and the Bandit” (1977)
On a dare, Bandit and Cletus pick up a truckload of beer and a hitchhiking bride-to-be who just left her groom at the altar. Turns out said groom is the son of Sheriff Buford T. Justice. The plot takes the whole bunch of ‘me on a high-speed run across the Southeast and owes so much of its story to beer that it wouldn’t make sense if you tried to edit the booze out. Classic comedy.

TauBu Girl Anna’s great beer movie pick: “National Lampoon’s Animal House” (1978)
Beer. Toga parties. Beer. John Belushi in a pirate suit. And more beer. What’s not to love?

TauBu Girl Lauren’s great beer movie pick: “Three Little Beers” (1935)
Larry, Curly and Moe take jobs as deliverymen at a brewery, but sneak a little time on the greens to practice for a company golf tournament. Before you know it, the golf course is destroyed, the three make a run for it in their beer truck and, as they say, hilarity ensues. Seriously – what better cinematic mix than the Three Stooges and beer? It’s less than 20 minutes long (see it on YouTube), but ranks right up there with the best beer flicks ever.

What’s your favorite beer flick? Leave us a comment or post on the TauBu Facebook fan page. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for one of the latest, greatest drinkin’ movies…


Summer’s Here – Try a Frosty New TauBu Malt Liquor Concoction

Pucker up for TauBu Girl Anna's favorite malt liquor concoction - a mix of TauBu Evil Apple and sour apple liqueur.

With the passing of the Summer Solstice last week, summer is officially in full swing. So, the TauBu Girls want to hook you up with a frosty new TauBu Malt Liquor mixed drink.

Anna’s favorite: Pucker Up

Fill a glass full of ice, then pour in one part sour apple liqueur and two parts two parts TauBu Evil Apple. The liqueur is your choice – lots of good ones out there. Stir it up, drink it down and feel your lips pucker from the tart taste the rest of the day.

Jolyne’s favorite: the Sex Bomb

Fill an ice cold pint glass half way with TauBu Midnite Berry. In a shot glass, mix one part orange liqueur and one part raspberry liqueur. Cointreau and Chambord work nicely, but again – your choice. Drop the shot glass in the pint glass and slam it! The sweetness of the raspberry and orange liqueur gets a nice, punchy balance from the Midnite Berry. Yum!

Yashira’s favorite: Dirty Water

“Ok, it doesn’t look tasty, but trust me, it is,” TauBu Girl Yashira says. Mix four parts TauBu Wicked Punch with four parts of your favorite lager – about a half pint each. Leave two shots worth of space at the top of your glass. Then add one part vodka and one part blackcurrant flavored spirit of your choice. Don’t know what blackcurrant is? Not your fault. It’s a glossy, dark purple-almost-black berry that’s big in Europe and Asia. Growing it was banned in the U.S. in the early 1900s because it was seen as a threat to the logging industry. The federal ban was shifted to jurisdiction of individual states in 1966 and it’s slowly making a comeback. Not only is it tasty, but its packed with nutrients, including an obnoxious amount of Vitamin C.

See, you learn something new every day with TauBu. And don’t worry. The cool, fruity taste will make you forget that you’re downing something that looks a lot like dirty dishwater.

Got a favorite malt liquor concoction for the summer? Send us your recipe via a blog comment or the TauBu Facebook fan page.

TauBu Girls Offer New College Grads a Little Advice

From the TauBu Girls and all of us here at TauBu - Congrats, grads!

Congrats, grads! Lift a can of TauBu high-octane beer and toast yourself for a job well done. Graduating college is a huge deal and you’ve earned yourself a party. Once you’ve sobered up, though we’ve got some sobering news for you: The frat boy/sorority girl life is done. Welcome to the real world. And take a little advice from our TauBu Girls. Granted, it’s the same stuff your folks have been telling you for months and you probably don’t want to hear it. Except that this time, it’s coming from the gorgeous TauBu Girls. We know – they’re young and some of them are still in college themselves. But they’re hot. And smart. And already have successful gigs. So pay attention…

From TauBu Girl Lauren: Lots of college grads are having a tough time finding work today. If you’re lucky enough to land a nice gig in your field of study right out of college, respect it. No one will snicker when you stroll into the office 15 minutes late looking like Zach Galifianakis. And those 40 reasons for not having your class assignment done won’t cut it with your boss when your client reports are due. You’ll soon find yourself out of a job and the apartment complex where you’re living now won’t be as lenient as the dorm ward when you’re late with the rent.

From TauBu Girl Yashira: Learn to handle your money. Budgeting is simple, but it ain’t easy. Just realize that you don’t have to run out and buy all the trappings of an adult life yet. The car you drive now probably runs just fine and there’s no shame in consignment furniture. Bar tabs add up quickly when you’ve got time on your hands and no 8 a.m. class the next morning. Live within your financial means, start saving now for retirement (seriously – now!) and get some health insurance.

From TauBu Girl Jolyne: Go back to school. Take a little break from the classroom, but keep learning. Take an art class, sign up with a Toastmasters chapter, go on a cultural exchange vacation. All those experiences will serve you well over your career. They’ll encourage creative thinking, boost your confidence and may prove to be great networking. You never know who you’ll meet along the way.

From all the TauBu Girls and the staff at TauBu, maker of America’s best new high-octane beer, congratulations, graduates. Now, go forth and conquer!