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TauBu Girls Offer New College Grads a Little Advice

From the TauBu Girls and all of us here at TauBu - Congrats, grads!

Congrats, grads! Lift a can of TauBu high-octane beer and toast yourself for a job well done. Graduating college is a huge deal and you’ve earned yourself a party. Once you’ve sobered up, though we’ve got some sobering news for you: The frat boy/sorority girl life is done. Welcome to the real world. And take a little advice from our TauBu Girls. Granted, it’s the same stuff your folks have been telling you for months and you probably don’t want to hear it. Except that this time, it’s coming from the gorgeous TauBu Girls. We know – they’re young and some of them are still in college themselves. But they’re hot. And smart. And already have successful gigs. So pay attention…

From TauBu Girl Lauren: Lots of college grads are having a tough time finding work today. If you’re lucky enough to land a nice gig in your field of study right out of college, respect it. No one will snicker when you stroll into the office 15 minutes late looking like Zach Galifianakis. And those 40 reasons for not having your class assignment done won’t cut it with your boss when your client reports are due. You’ll soon find yourself out of a job and the apartment complex where you’re living now won’t be as lenient as the dorm ward when you’re late with the rent.

From TauBu Girl Yashira: Learn to handle your money. Budgeting is simple, but it ain’t easy. Just realize that you don’t have to run out and buy all the trappings of an adult life yet. The car you drive now probably runs just fine and there’s no shame in consignment furniture. Bar tabs add up quickly when you’ve got time on your hands and no 8 a.m. class the next morning. Live within your financial means, start saving now for retirement (seriously – now!) and get some health insurance.

From TauBu Girl Jolyne: Go back to school. Take a little break from the classroom, but keep learning. Take an art class, sign up with a Toastmasters chapter, go on a cultural exchange vacation. All those experiences will serve you well over your career. They’ll encourage creative thinking, boost your confidence and may prove to be great networking. You never know who you’ll meet along the way.

From all the TauBu Girls and the staff at TauBu, maker of America’s best new high-octane beer, congratulations, graduates. Now, go forth and conquer!