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TauBu’s Hottest International Olympic Women Athletes

Italian volleyball player Francesca Piccinini

Earlier this week, TauBu brought you our top picks of the sexiest female athletes representing the U.S.A. at the Summer Olympics in London. Today, we’re expanding our horizons, brining you the hottest of our international competitors.

  • Darya Klishina, Long Jumper, Russia: The lovely Klishina started her athletic career at age 13. She’s a relative newcomer at the Olympics, but is a favorite for the gold in her competition. Not only will she leave you in the dust on the tracks, but she’s got mad skills at the bowling alley, too.
  • Ana Ivanovic, Tennis, Serbia: She’s said to have one of the fiercest serves in the game of women’s tennis. And she’s crazy smart. Off the courts, she studies finance at a university in Belgrade and serves as a UNICEF National Ambassador. She’ll own you on the basketball courts, too.
  • Fatima Moreira de Melo, Field Hockey, The Netherlands: Besides playing field hockey, this Dutch beauty has a master’s degree in law, sings, hosts TV shows and plays a mean hand of poker for  Team PokerStars: Sportstars on the PokerStars online poker card room. And apparently, she digs snakes.
  • Jaqueline Carvalho, Volleyball, Brazil: Jaqueline is one of the toughest volleyball players in the world. Fans and critics alike expect she’ll be on her strongest game, even coming back from a recent neck injury.
  • Francesca Piccinini, Volleyball, Italy: We love volleyball so much, we decided to include two hot volleyball players. Actually, we just couldn’t help ourselves when we saw pics of Francesca Piccinini, the mind-boggling beauty who is representing her team at the Summer Olympics for the fourth time. But to be honest, we could care less how she plays. Just look at her, for cryin’ out loud. Do an online search for her pics in Italy’s Men’s Health magazine. You won’t be disappointed.

So who are your favorite international Olympic athletes? Post your picks and pics on the TauBu Facebook fan page.