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TauBu’s Sexiest American Olympic Women Athletes

Lolo Jones, Olympic hurdler, track and field star

The 124th International Olympic Committee officially opened the Olympic Games last night in London. We here at TauBu and Palm Distribution, Inc. are excited to see America whoop some athletic ass across the Pond. And we’re particularly proud of all the bold, beautiful female athletes representing our great country. There’s no way to feature them all here, but we’ve chosen a few of the USA’s hottest Olympic ambassadors we’re rooting for. In no particular order…

  • Hope Solo – Soccer: She’s opinionated, sometimes controversial, but always hot. And she’s got a penchant for proving her critics wrong. Ergo, we’re expecting the media world to be reeling upon the release of her autobiography, scheduled just two days after the close of the London Olympics. So win or lose, she’ll no doubt be in the spotlight for weeks afterward. Well played, Hope. Well played.
  • Lolo Jones – Track and Field: Here at TauBu, we love a strong woman. And Lolo is as strong as they come, in every way. The statuesque beauty battled her way out of a tough childhood story that involved living for a time in the basement of a Salvation Army church. The world first heard her name during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she was a favorite to win the 100 m hurdles, but clipped one and dropped to seventh place. Despite recent back surgery, she’s back with a vengeance this year.
  • Candace Parker – Basketball: This 6’4″ beauty will annihilate you in a pickup basketball game, so don’t even try. She plays forward, center and guard for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and is best known for being the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game and the first woman to dunk twice in a college game— both as a redshirt freshman in 2006.

TauBu congratulates all of America’s athletes competing in the Olympics. Who’s your favorite? Post your top picks for the sexiest American Olympians on the TauBu Facebook fan page. Next up, we’ll share a few of the hottest Olympic athletes from other countries.