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Winning TauBu T-Shirt Design Picked

New TauBu t-shirt design effectively conveys that "be forbidden" motto and lifestyle.

After an exhaustive review of nearly 50 entries, Palm Distribution officials and TauBu fans have chosen our newest t-shirt design. The design that garnered the most votes features one of the TauBu tribal characters striking a dramatic, dance-like pose over a graffiti background of red, orange and black.

We love the design because it stars one of our trademark tribal characters front and center. TauBu’s marketing pros chose a tribal motif because it conjures up a notion of something taboo. You don’t want to tick off a tribesman, for fear of your life. Still, you can’t help but want to hang with them because seriously – what’s cooler than a badass tribal warrior?

But we also love the background design, which gives the whole look a modern, urban feel. Today’s graffiti artists are some of the most creative souls around, yet tagging in public spaces remains a taboo subject. All in all, the new design effectively illustrates TauBu’s tagline, “Be forbidden.”

Congrats to the winning designer on a job well done and thanks to all the creative individuals who submitted designs. Keep a lookout for T-shirts, tank tops, snowboards and other products emblazoned with the winning design, available online soon.