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Hightest Alcohol Percentage Beer

Searching for the highest alcohol percentage beer? You're not alone. The quest for a better brew has been going down since the beginning of the New Stone Age around 9500 B.C. In fact, archaeologists think beer drinking was instrumental to the very formation of the earliest civilizations.

As news of the Neolithic nectar spread, the ancient brew masters of the Celtic nation let their imagination rule by adding flavors of forbidden fruits and spices. So, a big "shout out" to our tribal forefathers who turned up the heat and understood that life was too short to ignore their inner passion.

If want to shred reality, TauBu® is a wicked 12% malt drink brewed for those who let their imagination rule. Check out all six exhilarating flavors of our highest alcohol percentage beer: our originals -- Midnite Berry™, Evil Apple™ and Wicked Punch™ -- and our newest flavors -- Golden Margarita™, Mojito™ and Strawberry Daiquiri™.